"Value" of Volunteer Time 
Of course, we could argue for days over what "value" volunteer time holds.  We like to think of it as PRICELESS.

However, Independent Sector does come up with a value for volunteer time.  In Wisconsin (for 2015), the value of volunteering is $22.48/hour.

The number is based on the hourly earnings (approximated from yearly values) of all production and non-supervisory workers on private non-farm payrolls averaged (based on yearly earnings provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Independent Sector indexes this figure to determine state values and increases it by 12% to estimate for fringe benefits.

When we think about it this way, that means last school year, volunteers who recorded their hours, donated over $81,000 worth of time.  WOW!

As we approach the end of the calendar year, THANK YOU for all you do.  It takes a village and all our volunteers are important members.

**Here is some more information for the state of Wisconsin.
Posted by rhagedor On 07 December, 2016 at 10:45 AM