Eligibility for Free Transportation

Public School Student

State statutes require that school districts provide transportation for all public school students who reside more than two miles from the nearest public school they may attend. The state pays a substantial share of the cost of transportation for those students residing over the two-mile limit. For financial reasons, the District does not provide free bus transportation for students residing within the two-mile limit unless such transportation is required by state statute.

This policy does not preclude municipalities from paying the cost of transportation for their students residing within the two-mile limit. Parents may contract with the District for the transportation of their students living within the two-mile limit provided that they meet the criteria established by the District.

Private School Student

The District shall provide private school transportation as required by state statute. Private school students must attend a K-12 school located two or more miles from their residence and reside in the school's designated attendance area. Private schools must be located in the Wausau School District or not more than five miles beyond the boundaries of the Wausau School District measured along one usually traveled route.

Special Education Student

All children with disabilities shall be transported in compliance with state statute.