Emergency Placement Adminstrative Policy

There are occasions when a bus driver who provides special transportation services for special education, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students finds that parents or baby-sitters are not at home to meet their students. The Wausau School District does require that they be home before the bus driver can release them.

The following procedures will be implemented when a parent or babysitter is not at home to meet special education, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students:

1. The bus driver will call First Student on their radio and inform them that no one is home and continue on their route with the student.

2. First Student will call the appropriate school and the school will try to contact the parent/guardian. The school will immediately inform First Student of their results with the parent/guardian contact.

3. The bus driver will complete the route and check back by radio with First Student to determine if the parent/guardian has been located.

4. If the parent/guardian has been located, the bus driver will deliver the student to the appropriate address. If the parent/guardian has not been located, First Student will call Social Services (847-5700 or 847-0200 - after hour emergency number) with the following information:

a. Name and birthdate of child,

b. Full names of the parent/guardian,

c. Child’s home address and telephone number,

d. Address and telephone number where a parent or other persons authorized to accept child can be reached, including emergency situations (work number, neighbor number, relative number,etc.)

5. Social Services will meet the bus at the residence or call the Police Department and an officer will wait with the child until a parent/guardian arrives.

6. Once Social Services or the Police Department arrives at the residence, the student is no longer the responsibility of the Wausau School District or First Student.