Metro Ride Bus Rider Rules


  • Be on time at the bus stop so that the bus can stay on schedule. The bus will not wait for you if you are not at the stop or within view and making an effort to get to the stop.
  • Be careful in approaching bus stops. Walk on the sidewalk, not in the street.
  • Do not stand in the street while waiting for the bus.
  • Do not step off the curb until the bus has stopped.
  • Do not crowd the door of the bus. When the door is opened, students should enter one at a time.
  • Have your ticket, pass or cash ready before you board the bus. You must pay the bus driver upon boarding.



  • Passengers must obey instructions or directions given by the bus driver.
  • Sticking your head or hands out of the windows is not permitted at any time.
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited on the bus.
  • Loud noises, commotion, screaming, and horseplay that is distracting to the driver or any passenger is prohibited.
  • Passengers are not permitted to stand in front of the white standee line which is on the floor of the bus near the driver.
  • Vandalism of any kind is prohibited. If you are caught engaging in such acts, you will be referred to the WATS office, the school office or the police department.
  • Littering on the bus is prohibited. Place any refuse in the garbage can in the front of the bus.
  • Be courteous to fellow passengers and the bus driver.
  • Do not leave books, lunches, or any other items on the bus.
  • In the case of mechanical failure or road emergency, remain on the bus unless instructed to do differently by the bus driver.
  • Never throw or spit anything out of the bus window.
  • The use of profane or abusive language is prohibited.
  • Smoking on the bus is prohibited.
  • The playing of radios, tape players, and compact disk players is prohibited unless headphones are used.



  • Never cross in front of the bus. Always wait until the bus pulls away before crossing.
  • Look out for the safety and comfort of smaller students and those with disabilities.
  • Listen to any cautions given to you by the bus driver.



  • Passengers who disobey the rules of riding the bus are subject to discipline. Discipline may include a seat assignment or the loss of bus riding privileges.
  • A bus driver will generally warn you (once) if you are doing something that is inappropriate or in violation of any Metro Ride rules. If you do not obey the driver’s warning, you may be asked to get off the bus.
  • If, at any time, your actions endanger the safety or security of other passengers, you will be asked to get off the bus immediately.
  • Passengers may be suspended from riding the bus for extended periods of time if they endanger the safety of others or if they are habitual in violating the rules.