Transportation to Accommodate Child Care Needs

The District policy for considering requests by parents to have their child(ren) transported to and/or from a child care provider is as follows:

  • All requests must be made using the form below. Any changes to the pickup and drop-off points during the course of the school year require your filling out another form 
  • The location of the child care provider must be more than 2.0 miles from the school of attendance and be on an existing route. The location can not cause any variation of the route or additional cost or mileage to the District.
  • Approval of requests will be conditional upon whether there is room on the bus initially and whether there continues to be room. This privilege may be denied if additional children move into the 2.0-mile plus limit or if there should be a shift in rider patterns during the school year.
  • The request must identify one bus stop for the entire school year. That is, the student will be picked up and dropped off at the same location every day of the week for the entire school year without change.
  • Requests for transportation to and/or from a child care provider’s residence must be renewed each school year.

The legal responsibility of the District in transporting children to and from school is limited to providing services to their legal residence. The District will provide service on those occasions that meet the above criteria to accommodate a working parent by transporting the student to and/or from a child care provider.

Student(s) Name_____________________________________ Phone ___________________________

Home Address _______________________________________________________________________

School______________________________________________Grade __________________________

I would like to request that my child/children________________________________________________

be picked up at:

NAME __________________________________________PHONE ____________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________

dropped off at:

NAME __________________________________________PHONE ____________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________

Parent(s)Name________________________________Parent(s)Work Phone ______________________

DateEffective:_____________ParentSignature ____________________________Date ______________