4K Principal Surprised!

4K Principal Surprised!
Posted on 05/04/2020
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4K teachers surprise their principal on National Principal Appreciation Day

By Reece Van Haaften
Posted: Fri 6:54 PM, May 01, 2020
Updated: Fri 10:37 PM, May 01, 2020

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- It’s National Principal Appreciation Day and the Wausau School District surprised its 4K & Early Childhood principal by planting signs.

Teachers surprised Kara Rakowski on National Principle Appreciation Day.

“The magnitude for how much I miss everybody really set in,” said Wausau School District 4K Principal Kara Rakowski.

Teachers in the Wausau School District’s 4K Program came up with the idea. The problem was the execution.

“We kind of snuck around,” said Early Childhood Teacher Lori Kurszewski. “Kind of let her husband in on the detail a little bit. (We) came out and crawled around in the dark and planted some signs.”

A good deed that led both teachers and principal to an emotional connection.

“It made me proud to be a teacher in the Wausau School District,” said Kurszewski. “We all care for each other and watching each other’s back.”

“It’s the foundation for everything we do is supporting and being there for each other,” said Rakowski.

Twenty-four flowers represent the 24 teachers in Kara Rakowski’s program. A program that wouldn't be as strong without its foundation.

“Kara is the most positive, wonderful person you could ever meet,” said 4K Teacher Michele Kettner. “She’s so supportive. She’s our rock.”

“She’s amazing,” said Kurszewski. “She’s important. She’s special. She’s unique. (She’s) kind. She’s precious, and she’s very much loved by all of her staff.”

Rakowski added that this shows the type of people she works with, and that she wishes she could plant signs for every single one of her teachers in her school district.

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