Social Emotional Benchmarks

Social-Emotional Learning Targets for 4K

I can tell my teacher each of the rules.
I can find each of the school rules on a picture.
I can tell my teacher which rule my friends or I should use.
I can figure out if I followed the rules during my classroom activities.

I can ask a friend to play with my teacher’s help. 
I can give a friend a play idea. 
I can ask someone if they need help. 
I can ask someone for help when I need it. 
I can give a compliment to another person.

Problem Solving
I can find a good solution to my problem. 
I can find a good solution to our problem when playing with my friends.

I can do the Tucker Turtle steps during practice time. 
When I am frustrated I can calm down with my teacher’s help.

Emotional Literacy 
I can show my teacher with my face and body how I look when I am happy, mad and sad. 
I can tell my teacher what makes me feel happy, mad and scared.
I can point to pictures of faces showing six different feelings