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James Bouché, President

Sarah Brock

Jon Creisher, Treasurer

Patrick McKee

Jennifer Paoli, Clerk

Joanna Reyes

Jane Rusch

Cory Sillars

Lance Trollop, Vice President

The Wausau Board of Education consists of nine community members elected by the citizens of the District. Board members are elected at-large and serve overlapping terms of three years. Board members receive a yearly salary established at the District's Annual Meeting.

The School Board acts to establish policies that govern the operation of the Wausau School District. It has final control over local school matters limited by the state legislature, the courts, and the will of the people as expressed in School District elections.

The Board of Education takes action on matters only in formal session with a majority of members present. The Board President serves as the spokesperson for the School Board’s position on all items related to the public schools.

April 2, 2024 School Board Election Results

Pat McKee has been re-elected to his seat.  Beginning Monday, April 22nd, Sarah Marie Brock and Jane Rusch will take their seats on the Wausau School Board.  Congratulations, Pat, Sarah, and Jane!

As reported on Marathon County's Election Results webpage, here are the unofficial results:

  • Sarah Marie Brock: 5,787
  • Jane Rusch: 5,834
  • Karen Vandenberg: 5,705
  • Cody Nikolai:  5,097
  • Patrick McKee: 6,864
  • Fred Tealey: 5,455

School Board election results were verified on Monday, April 8th at 10:30 a.m. at the Longfellow Administration Center. 

Click here to see the verified results

As we prepare to welcome new Board members, we'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Karen Vandenberg and Cody Nikolai. Their service to our students, their families, staff, and the Wausau community does not go unnoticed.  Again, thank you for your dedication to the Wausau School District.