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We are absolutely relieved to report that COVID-19 cases continue to drop across the Wausau School District.  In fact, we've only had a few cases each day the last couple of weeks.  As cases trend downward and communities, like Wausau, return to pre-pandemic status, we too are reverting to the procedures we had in place before the pandemic effective immediately.

So, what does this mean for your student(s)?  COVID-19 would essentially be treated similar to other viruses, like the flu.  Our COVID-19 matrices have gone away and we will no longer implement virtual learning days when there are a few COVID-19 cases in any given classroom.  We have also discontinued our COVID-19 dashboard and notifications of positive cases in our classrooms. 

We understand that this news may make some of you nervous.  Please know you can always send your child to school with a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so.

So, what can we do together to keep all of our students and staff as healthy as possible?  Keep your child home if they are sick.  If you suspect it's from COVID-19, get them tested and share any positive results with us.  Our District will continue to have our mobile units available for testing free of charge.  Also, please know that if there is any kind of outbreak in any of our schools, COVID-19 or otherwise, we will communicate with you immediately so you can plan accordingly.

If there's anything we've learned over the course of the last two years, it's to be flexible.  We will continue to monitor COVID-19 in Marathon County going forward, just like any other illness, and should anything change, we will let you know right away.


Safe Return Plans

Updated: May 2022