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This image is of the first subcommittee meeting in June of 2022.  Dr. Hilts is speaking to members.
This is a photo of a subcommittee meeting.  Dr. Hilts is speaking to the committee about the plan for the meeting.

The Goals of the Subcommittees

In May of 2022, the Wausau School Board voted to form two subcommittee.  One of the subcommittees would be focused on our elementary schools and the other on our middle and high schools.  The purpose of the elementary and secondary subcommittees was to develop recommendations for the Wausau School Board as to whether the District should restructure elementary schools and/or high schools.

Members met throughout the summer and fall of 2022 at Longfellow Administration Center.  While membership included parents, staff, community members, administration, and board members, the meetings were open to the entire community.

However, as the summer progressed the group's work shifted from developing recommendations for the School Board, to more of a task force.   No action was taken.

Who was on the Subcommittees?

  • Parents/PTO members
  • Staff
    • Principals
    • Teachers
    • Activities Directors
  • Community Members
    • Business Leaders
    • Hmong & Spanish Community Liaisons
  • Administration
  • Board Members

When Did They Meet and What Did They Discuss?

(Each panel, labeled with the date, includes a meeting summary and the powerpoint presentations that were used.)


What's next?

Collectively, both subcommittees decided to pause discussions and have a conversation with Wausau School District staff, families, and the broader community.  That said, they did identify two ideas that are worth further exploration:

Elementary Subcommittee

Two parents/PTO members on the Elementary Subcommittee brought forward a third, as of yet, unrealized option for consideration.  

  • This option would close 5 of our elementary schools. 
    • Rib Mountain Elementary
    • Lincoln Elementary
    • Grant Elementary
    • Hewitt-Texas Elementary
    • Franklin Elementary
  • At the same time, their plan calls for moving all of our 4K programming out of our four 4K Academies and into 2 of the 5 elementary schools that were closed and merged with other schools.
  • All students and staff would move together at the 4K and elementary level affected by the merger.

Secondary Subcommittee

The Secondary Subcommittee decided a junior/senior high model would be worth further exploration.  

This image shows 5 ovals, all of different colors.  The Junior High/Senior High oval is much bigger than the rest.


Members believe something has to be done to address the challenges we face.  They determined changing boundaries and having only one high school are not an option.  Changing boundaries is believed to be a temporary fix, based on previous experience, and having only one high school would require significant work to make happen. 

While dual campus is an option, they see a junior and senior high model as the most viable option; pending further exploration.