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Help Us Create a New Mascot!

We need your input!  The Wausau School District has launched community-input campaign to identify a new mascot for the newly merged junior and senior high schools!  

This process, which will include multiple steps, will take some time, but we want to make sure that we do this right.  We also want to allow plenty of opportunity for everyone, who wants to get involved, to give their input -- especially our students.

How The multi-step Process is working:

Survey #1

Message From Dr. Hilts

Our first step, was a community-wide survey.  In that survey, we included some potential mascot ideas that had been submitted to us.  Then, we included an 'other' option that provided a space for other ideas! 

THANK YOU to everyone who took our first mascot-input survey!  We had more than 3,500 responses!   Of the list provided in the survey, here are your top 20 most-popular choices, in order:

1.  Wolfpack
2.  Loggers
3.  War Hawks
4.  Titans
5.  Raptors
6.  Mountaineers
7.  Patriots
8.  Gladiators
9.  Woodsmen
10.  Screaming Eagles
11.  Bull Dogs
12.  Billy Goats
13.  War Dogs
14.  Thunder Bolts
15.  Pioneers
16.  River Rattlers
17.  Bulls
18.  Granite Crushers
19.  Stars
20.  River Ramblers


Once we had the results of the first community-wide survey, we launched a second one.  This survey included the top 20 most popular choices from above, in addition to the more than 300 ideas submitted by the community!

We asked survey responders to pick their top 5 favorites from that massive list.  

The results of that survey are now in and we had more than 2,500 responses!  Here are the ideas that received 150 votes or more, in no particular order:  

  • Raptors
  • Gladiators
  • Wolverines
  • War Hawks
  • Wolves
  • Granite Crushers
  • Woodsmen
  • Wolfpack
  • Titans
  • Loggers
  • Mountaineers 
  • Patriots
  • Wildcats

What's Next?

  • Focus groups

  • Update for School Board in November

  • Third Community-Wide Survey to Launch Right After Update

  • Update for School Board in December, Possible Action.

Now that the results of the second survey are in, we will be reaching out to our focus groups so that they can come together to talk about the top mascot choices and identify which ones will move onto the next round.   Who's in the focus group? 

Earlier this year, we sent out an invite to every single parent/guardian and staff member within the Wausau School District to be part of this focus group.  We had more than 100 say 'yes' - which is FANTASTIC!  We will also have a focus group made up of middle and high school students.  Our principals and activities directors will work to form that focus group. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Warjacks will also go before the focus groups as a potential mascot for our newly merged junior and senior high schools. 

The plan is to bring the focus groups together in October.  We're finalizing details right now for that.  Once the groups, which will include students, have an opportunity to meet, we will take the results of the second survey, along with the feedback from the focus groups, to the School Board for discussion and consideration in November.  Following that, we will launch a third community-wide survey to help inform the School Board's decision.