Fine Arts

Marie Northup, Fine Arts Coordinator
715-261-0565 or 715-261-0250

Rachel Rosenthal, Administrative Assistant

What's Wausome: Fine Arts

Mission: The Wausau School District Fine Arts Department mission is to engage learners in creating, performing, connecting, and responding through the arts.

Guiding Principles:  

Achievement in the arts demands engagement in the four fundamental creative practices of imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection in multiple contexts.

  1. Learners will develop effective work habits of curiosity, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration which will transfer to the many diverse aspects of learning and life.

  2. Access and opportunity to high quality personalized instruction will be provided for all students by a trained, qualified instructor in the arts

  3. Wausau fine arts educators are committed to aligning curriculum with the National Core Arts Standards

  4. Develop an understanding of the role of the arts to establish an actively engaged community of lifelong, independent learners

  5. Connect to other academic subjects through the arts

  6. Arts literacy is vital in developing human potential