Book Bowl 2019 Results

Book Bowl 2019 Results
Posted on 02/25/2019

Book Bowl 2019

Third, fourth and fifth graders from Wausau elementary schools formed 26 teams to participate in the annual Gifted and Talented Department’s Book Bowl at G.D. Jones Elementary. The Book Bowl list is compiled by the Elementary Library staff. Students in Division I studied twenty books, and students in Division II studied forty books. Book Bowl teams met weekly to prepare for the competition where they answered three sets of 10-minute quizzes in the areas of character, setting, and plot. More than 30 staff and parents coached and volunteered at the event.

The winning teams for 2019:
Division II: 1st place - Rib Mountain, 2nd place - South Mountain A, 3rd place - Riverview B
Division I: 1st place – Grant, 2nd place - Hawthorn Hills B & Maine A, 3rd place - Hawthorn Hills A & Maine C