Staff Volunteer Request Form

Volunteer Request Form

Any Wausau School District staff needing a volunteer or volunteers for their classroom or field trip should fill out the following form.  Roxane Hagedorn, Volunteer & Community Involvement Coordinator, will do her best to find volunteers for you via the online volunteer system.

It is very important that you fill out ONE form per need.  If you need a chaperone and a classroom helper, you would fill out TWO separate forms because they are TWO different opportunities.

Teacher/Staff Member Name
Teacher/Staff Email
Please explain what you need a volunteer or volunteers for.  Please be as specific as possible.
How many volunteers do you need? 
What days of the week are they needed?  If a specific date, please indicate.
What time of day are they needed?

Any specific skills, qualifications or people requested?


Any other notes or information that you'd like to communicate to the Volunteer Coordinator (i.e. only parents or family members)?





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