Written Public Comment

The written comments will be shared with the Board and uploaded in redacted format to the district website following the meeting; however, the comments will not be read aloud at the meeting.

All public comment must be received by 3 pm prior to the meeting in order for it to be recognized for that meeting.  Comments may not exceed 350 words in length and must be related to a matter on the agenda for the board meeting to which the comment was submitted, or if not on the current agenda, the comment must pertain to a matter within the scope of the school board’s authority. 

Public comments identifying specific personnel or students by name or through the use of sufficiently detailed description so as to identify the individual staff or student referenced are not appropriate subjects for presentation to the School Board and should be referred to the superintendent’s office. Comments will be rejected if the content is reasonably interpreted to constitute discriminatory or harassing statements on the basis of any protected classification identified in District policy, or constitute threats, intimidation, obscene or of a sexual nature, or that are otherwise inappropriate for the forum of a public school board meeting. Those that submit public comment bear the personal risk if anything he/she writes is defamatory, slanderous, or otherwise harmful to another individual. The presiding officer values civil discourse and may prohibit comments that do not adhere to the rules. No comment will be excluded based on the commenter’s particular viewpoint or perspective on a topic.

Public comments may not be submitted anonymously, but rather must identify the commenter and home address. Home address and personal email addresses will be redacted prior to publishing the written Public Comment on the website, however, anonymity is not guaranteed and commenters are reminded that once submitted, the public comment is subject to the Public Records Laws.

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