​Tier 1 Supports:

  • Core Curriculum:

    • K-5: Ready Classroom Math

    • 6-12: Carnegie Math
  • Differentiation:

​Tier 2 Interventions:

  • Some students will not respond to Tier 1 supports alone and will need to be in Tier 2 interventions focused on their math growth. The Wausau School District uses FastBridge Learning to Universally Screen all students K-6th grade three times per year. Students who score in the bottom 24th% of their FastBridge Learning screeners for math by grade level are considered eligible to receive an intervention. Each grade level needs to analyze their students performance and determine if the students flagged should participate in intervention.

  • Current interventions for math in Tier 2 include explicit, systematic instruction in the area of concern for math supplemented with approved research and evidenced based computer based math programs. Interventions are skill specific and matched to meet the needs of each group based on results of continuous progress monitoring.

  • Interventions must be given to program fidelity requirements

  • Progress Monitoring must occur weekly (K-5) or every three weeks (6-8, unless it is part of an initial referral for Specific Learning Disabilities wherein it will be collected weekly).

  • Students will be progress monitored using FastBridge Learning.

  • The intervention is conducted by the classroom teacher, a specialized teacher or an external interventionist. The intervention must occur outside of the core instructional time.

Math RtI Google Document

Tier 3 Interventions:

Examples of Tier 3 intensive intervention services might include many of the supplemental services provided in Tier 1 and Tier 2, but with increased frequency/intensity and/or duration and a more individualized implementation strategy. Tier 3 may or may not include students in special education - it is dependent on the individual students’ needs.

  • In addition, Tier 3 may also require any of the following:

    • Replacement curriculum

    • Grade/Subject acceleration

    • Special education/ pull out services

    • Intensified/Individualized explicit instruction in an identified skill or set of skills.

    • Modified intervention service delivery: individualization, frequency and length of sessions, duration of intervention cycle and/or group size.