• Attendance should be looked at through a school's RtI/ PBIS framework. Attendance is a responsible behavior and falls in within your other expectations at your school. Attendance at the school level should be addressed on a regular basis in the same manner other behaviors are addressed.

  • The school leader is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Attendance Systems for their building.

  • Identify an attendance officer.  This may be a social worker, secretary, assistant principal, or principal.

  • School staff will utilize Infinite Campus to record attendance information and documentation parent/guardian contact regarding attendance.

  • The principal/school leader or designee will review with the school staff proper and required attendance record keeping as needed.

  • Schools will follow established policies regarding absences and tardiness.  

  • Schools will follow the established  procedure for obtaining proper documentation and updating the attendance record of students that enter/leave the building after the start of the school day and before the end of the day.

  • Schools will follow the  established  procedure for identifying and documenting tardy students.

  • Schools will follow the established  procedure for securing and documenting excuses for student absences.

  • Schools will communicate expected attendance procedures with parents and guardians.

  • Schools will follow the established  procedure for recording student attendance when teachers are absent and a substitute teacher is responsible for recording attendance.

  • The principal/school leader and attendance officer will monitor attendance data throughout the school year and respond accordingly.

  • Recognize Attendance as a Responsible behavior as part of your PBIS Framework

​Possible Strategies

  • Attaching attendance to School-Wide Expectations Matrix

  • Teaching the expectation of attendance

  • Include attendance in  Tier 1 School-Wide Acknowledgement System (high-interest and meaningful)

  • Messaging about good and improved attendance i.e. send postcards, calls home, direct contact with students.

  • Positive School Climate/ Culture: relationship building, positive decorum with students, customer service to all visitors, opportunities for students to engage in school outside of the classroom (clubs), and high levels of engagement in class