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All students in grades 6-12 are developing Academic and Career Plans guided by parents, teachers, and counselors.  This plan is a step-by-step process that leads students through a series of tasks that provide direction toward career decisions.  The following links include each secondary building's Academic Career Plans:

Career Readiness Mission
The Wausau School District cultivates a dynamic learning environment that equips students with the academic foundation, career-relevant skills, and self-discovery opportunities to navigate their unique paths to success.

  • Dynamic learning environment: Engaging and relevant learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Academic foundation: Building a strong foundation in core subjects.
  • Career-relevant skills: Developing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.
  • Self-discovery opportunities: Helping students explore their interests and strengths.
  • Unique paths to success: Acknowledging that there are many ways to define success.

Wausau School District
Career Readiness Team

  • Andy Grimm
    Coordinator of Pupil Services
  • Jon Winter 
    Career and Technical Education Coordinator
  • Kay Pickar
    Career Center Coordinator
    West High
  • Taylor Wilkowski
    School Counselor - West High
  • Katie Gilles
    School Counselor - East High
  • Susan Holster
    Associate Principal - East High
  • Nicole Melander
    School Counselor - John Muir
  • Angela Diener
    Associate Principal - John Muir
  • Ashley Nichols
    School Counselor - Horace Mann
  • Scott Strand
    Math Coordinator
  • Diana White
    Communications Coordinator

Board Approval Date:

Education for Employment (E4E)  -  Academic & Career Planning


The purpose of Education for Employment (E4E) planning is to detail and document how the Wausau School District supports our students with career awareness and exploration as well as career preparation, planning, and decision making. The mission of the Wausau School District is to advance student learning, achievement, and success. Accordingly, the WSD provides opportunities for every student to connect with learning that is relevant to their personal academic, social, and career goals.

Wausau School District staff are focused on engaging every student in the Academic and Career Planning (ACP) process so that every student can:

  • Better understand their talents, gifts, strengths, skills, interests, and passions
  • Explore career areas of interest and make connections to their personal and future goals
  • Prepare and plan for careers by engaging in purposeful academic, co-curricular, and career- and community-based learning experiences as informed consumers.

Academic and career planning is related to increasing the relevance of a student’s learning experiences. A student’s learning has more relevance when connected to their future plans. The  learning experiences offered by the WSD provide insight into and discernment regarding post-secondary pursuits and education/training opportunities for success in a career area(s) of interest.

Chapter PI 26 (Education for Employment Plans and Program) purposes include:

  • Preparing elementary and secondary students for future employment
  • Ensuring technological literacy & promoting lifelong learning
  • Promoting good citizenship
  • Promoting cooperation among business, industry, labor, post-secondary schools, & public schools
  • Establishing a role for public schools in the economic development of Wisconsin

Executing plans and delivering programming leads to desired outcomes that can include the following:

  • Students and parents who are more well-informed consumers of education
  • Students are confident in awareness and knowledge of self
  • With that knowledge of self, students then engage in academic, career-based, co-curricular, and other aligned learning experiences
  • Increased knowledge about the purpose of E4E, career-based learning, and the Academic and Career Planning process
  • Students are more prepared for careers and can reflect and synthesize information for personal career planning, preparation, and decision-making

Implementing E4E and academic and career planning within the Wausau School District utilizes five (5) key career choice strategies to support students on their life, career, and college readiness journey: