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O.N.E. Our Network for Education Volunteer Program

O.N.E. (Our Network for Education) is the Wausau School District's Volunteer Program and supports Key Interest: Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that expand learning opportunities and resources. Each school’s volunteer program reflects the unique needs of their students and the district-wide program provides an umbrella of support and assistance to each school.

To assist volunteers with completing the requirements to volunteer in the Wausau School District, for both returning volunteers as well as new volunteers, you will find the steps below.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:

Julie Bollmann
Out of School Learning Coordinator

Update on volunteer background checks effective 3/8/22

When a Background Check is NOT REQUIRED:

  1. If you are a Wausau District employee or have completed a background check during the current calendar year
  2. When a Volunteer is volunteering for a singular event or an activity where they will not be individually responsible for supervision of students (i.e. Book Fair, single classroom party, serving food at a Winter Tea, Athletic or Music event for a day, etc.), the Volunteer will not need to complete a background check.  The Volunteer will simply use the Raptor system as they enter the building, check in at the office and sign the Volunteer form.

When a Background Check IS REQUIRED:

  1. A Volunteer is chaperoning for a field trip or any event involving supervision of students, the Volunteer will need to complete a background check.
  2. If someone is a REGULAR Volunteer (i.e. classroom parent volunteers every Tuesday on a biweekly or on a monthly basis for a class or program, etc.), they will need to complete a background check.


Background checks will only need to be completed every five years.  Therefore, any Volunteer who has NOT HAD a background check completed in the past five years, will need to complete a background check.  All background checks are monitored in the Volunteer software, Better Impact, or, which the Volunteer & Community Involvement Coordinator manages.

Returning Volunteers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Step 1:
Make sure your background check is current.

If you will be working with and around children, please be sure your background check is current.  If you are volunteering for an activity such as popping popcorn, a background check is not required. 

Current Wausau School District  employees do not need another background check.

Step 2:
Make sure you have a My Impact Page account.

Be sure you have an account in and always sign up for any event through this link.  Please remember teachers set the number of volunteers they will need so if an event is filled, please keep watching for additional events added throughout the school year.


New Volunteers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Step 1:
Complete a background check.

You will receive an email from the BIB (Background Investigation Bureau) approving your background check.

Current Wausau School District employees do not need another background check.

Step 2:
Visit My Impact Page

Go to and in the Search bar section, please enter “Wausau”.  This will populate the schools below the SEARCH so you can choose the school where you want to volunteer. 

Step 3:
Complete your My Impact Page account.

Review the Volunteer Handbook and any other volunteer requirements noted in your volunteer account.

ONE volunteer…ONE hour…ONE day…can make a difference in the life of a child.
Thank you again for your time and involvement in one of our greatest resources, our students!