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Katie Crotteau
Volunteer and Community Involvement Coordinator

O.N.E. Our Network for Education Volunteer Program

O.N.E. (Our Network for Education) is the Wausau School District's Volunteer Program and supports the Key Interest: Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that expand learning opportunities and resources. Each school’s volunteer program reflects the unique needs of their students and the district-wide program provides an umbrella of support and assistance to each school.

We are so grateful for the contributions of our volunteers to enhance and enrich our programming for students in the Wausau School District. Thank you for choosing to contribute your time.

To assist volunteers with completing the requirements to volunteer in the Wausau School District, both returning volunteers as well as new volunteers will find the steps below.  If you have questions or need additional information, please reach out to our Volunteer and Community Involvement Coordinator for assistance.

New Volunteers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Become a Wausau School District Volunteer in 3 easy steps!

Step 1:
The Wausau School District requires volunteers to complete a background check. Few exceptions for one-time programs, or shifts that are not working with children. You will be notified directly from BIB by email upon completion. WSD is also notified and your MyImpact profile will be updated with your approval.

Step 2: 
Complete the MyImpact application and profile:
1) Type your desired school, activity
     or keyword in the search bar.
2) Complete the  “Fill in an
     Application” button.
3) Follow the detailed steps for new
     volunteers; create username and
     check volunteer agreement. Add
     contact information and other

Step 3:
Review our Volunteer Handbook.

Returning Volunteers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome Back!

Log in to My Impact and make sure your profile is up to date and active. Update any details or contact information if necessary.

Browse and sign up for opportunities on teh website or in the app - so easy!

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, approved volunteer background checks will be effective for 5 years. If you have completed this step since Fall 2021 - you are set to volunteer! Need to update? Click the button if you need to apply.

Additional information about Criminal Background Checks for the Wausau School District:

When a Background Check is NOT REQUIRED:

  1. You are employed by the Wausau School District.
  2. You’ve been approved since the 2021-22 school year.
  3. When a Volunteer is assisting for a singular event or an activity where they will not be individually responsible for supervision of students:
    a. These are one time presenters, visitors, or helpers, not familial volunteers.
    b. These volunteers will use the Raptor system as they enter the building and check in at the main office.

When a Background Check IS REQUIRED:

  1. Any Volunteer chaperoning a field trip, helping in class or any school event involving students.
  2. If someone is a REGULAR and/or ONGOING Volunteer, they will need to complete a background check. Familial volunteers should all complete the check as it is assumed they would participate more than once over the student’s education.

ONE volunteer…ONE hour…ONE day…can make a difference in the life of a child.
Thank you again for your time and involvement in one of our greatest resources, our students!