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Resolution of Commendation Program


The Resolution of Commendation Program provides the Board of Education with a formal process of recognizing students who have brought honor upon themselves and the District through outstanding achievement and/or community service. To be considered for the Resolution of Commendation, individual students or groups must be nominated by District staff. Each nomination must include the approval of the building principal or program director. Students considered for this award must have already received recognition at the state or national level for their achievements. [Note: Due to the many recognition opportunities afforded student scholars and student athletes, the ROC Program will not recognize achievement that falls solely in the realms of academics or athletics.]

The ROC Program also honors District staff members and community members who have garnered recognition at state and national levels for their professional and personal pursuits that have brought notoriety to themselves and to the Wausau School District.

Additionally, staff and students who have performed exceptional community or District service may be nominated for the Resolution of Commendation.


Positive reinforcement of performance sets a foundation that encourages high standards for students and staff. Public recognition of achievements at Board of Education meetings demonstrates support for personal excellence.


Revised 8-2012


The Superintendent of Schools seeks Resolution of Commendation Program nominations of students, staff, school-related groups, and members of the Wausau School District community.

The Resolution of Commendation Committee reviews each nomination based on the goal of the program and established criteria. The Committee is comprised of one staff member from each of the following teams: food services, secretaries/aides, maintenance and custodians, municipals, teachers, elementary building administrators, secondary building administrators, and a central office administrator who serves as ex officio.

The Committee reviews nominations on a monthly basis. Those selected to receive the Resolution of Commendation will be invited by the Communications Department to attend a Regular meeting of the Board of Education, which meets monthly on the second Monday. The commendation is bestowed in the form of a Board Resolution, which is read and approved by the Board of Education and is subsequently included in the meeting minutes. A Resolution of Commendation plaque is presented to each recipient by the School Board President and the Superintendent of Schools.

In addition to the presentation of the Resolution of Commendation plaque, the name of the individual or group and the date of the commendation will appear on a plaque in the Longfellow Administration Center in the Nicholson Board Room as permanent acknowledgement of the achievement.

The Resolution of Commendation Program is evaluated by the Resolution of Commendation Committee. Program modifications are made as needed.

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